Education Solutions
From our ground breaking one-on-one training programs, to our innovative staff training workshops….
We offer a new line of business building programs for professionals.  Do-Bee Business Solutions is truly raising the bar in the business industry. Technology isn’t what it used to be, it’s time for change! We offer the following training opportunities to meet your needs: 
Online profiles in a professional sense are a significant factor to your success in today’s digital world. As a professional, you want to be “found online” with credible information about you and your company. This workshop will teach you the ABC’s of Social Media.

Have you stumbled through programs like Microsoft Power Point, or Exel?  Would you like your employees to receive updated training on how to use computer software? Then this workshop is perfect for your company.  Maximize your potential!

Business technology workshops are available to provide assistance and to help business professionals develop technical skills. The primary focus is how to work electronic devices (From computers, to tablets, to smart-phones), and how your business can implement the use of technology to make things much easier.

Have you ever wondered what tools exist to help build your  business? This workshop highlights a variety of tools that could serve as building blocks for your business.  Each tool is explained, giving you the power to build your business while protecting your budget.

In this workshop, you will learn the many facets of Google. You will find out what you have been missing out on, and how it applies to your business.