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Think. Reach. Aim. Higher by Kazi Owens

What if you could have a deeper relationship with God? Faith based poetry could infuse your life with strength and peace? In Think. Reach. Aim Higher., Kazi Owens shares pieces from his collection of poetry. Each poem has a unique devotion to help you know the wisdom, the grace, and the power of God. In this 21 day devotional you will begin the awesome journey to Think. Reach. and Aim Higher!

Seeing The Unseen: Visions Built on Dreams by Gervase Owens

Journey with author Gervase Owens as she shares a Christ-centered philosophy on taking your hopes and ambitions from dreams to realities.  This book will help you break out of the recurring rut of simply dreaming, and help you live a purposeful life as you learn how to see your dreams come to life.
  • Picture two people standing in the middle of an open field. One person sees an open field, while the other sees a new housing development.  Picture two people looking at a large oak tree. One person sees a tree, while the other sees a fine piece of  furniture.  Picture two people looking at a homeless person. One person feels sorry for the homeless person, while the other sees a homeless outreach.
What is it that causes these people to see completely different things, when looking at the same exact thing?  The difference is one word… VISION.