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Website Design that’s so smart, it’s SIMPLE. .

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Do-Bee Business Solutions offers custom website design that’s so smart, it’s simple.

Over the past year Do-Bee Business Solutions has had a large volume of clients needing website design services.  When developing presence on the world wide web for your business, you are giving your customers a reason to come back to your website.  Do-Bee Business Solutions has the skill set and experience necessary to create custom websites.  Our focus is not only highlighting your capabilities for your business, but also encouraging people to hire your company.   We focus on the function and purpose of your website, not just designing a website that looks good. Do-Bee Business Solutions uses a variety of strategies to design with your customer in mind.

You may be thinking… what if I already have a website?

Good question! If your existing website is in need of a makeover, we are the company for you.  We can redesign your website within your budget.  A fresh new look will help you revitalize your website and get the traffic you need to gain more business. Contact us today to share your goals for your project. Don’t worry, we are not out to take all your money. We will find out about your project and your budget to keep the process simple.

Here is what you can expect when preparing to have website design done for your company:

1.) A consultation to learn about your project goals.

2.) A budget review to determine what work can be done.

3.) An estimate to agree on the price.

4.) A deposit request to begin the project.

5.) Communication during the project.

6.) A completed project on budget and on time

7.) Final payment due.

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